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Victory London - from Churchill to Cold Distilled Gin

I love a good hand signal.

Whether for the positive or negative, I just love a good hand gesture.

Hand loaded pops seem to be confined to the coast to coast hipper hoppers of urban hoodlum hi-jinkers these days.

The trend became overloaded in the nineties and noughties. The fashion was pushed to the very edges of fingered alchemy with futile comprehension that only tested those in the know.

The beauty of many designated fingers and thumbs was blown into spheres of history.

Now, a hand drawn finger thumb display towards a glancing gopher or hypnotised hawk has been forgotten amongst certain classes, culture or generation. The purification of a decent hand joust has been forgotten during this intermitting era

But we have been saved!

The two fingered Churchill salutation has arrived and thank Robin Hood fook!

I always presumed Churchill didn’t like me in his black and white war distilled glorified image but this well crafted industrialist salute makes me welcome.

I AM FOR THE GIN. Made a girl blind gin… Hogarth prints in waiting GIN. Too much to handle, ramble amble GIN.

Its here! And bloody good so.

Cold pressed gin for the steely. Cold pressed for the weary. Cold hearted dearly.

Love it

Reminds me of tainted youth…

Old man mentality with middle delinquency

Here’s the verb..

A Modern Distillery In The Heart Of London

VICTORY LONDON is situated right on Tower Bridge, on the south side of the river. In the basement of The Draft House Pub.

They are a micro distillery specialising in Gin and Bitters (Amaro).

At VICTORY they use a modern pharmaceutical technique to distil there products.

They are true to the classic styles of spirit but produce them for a modern age.


Our Gin is handcrafted using a unique, modern process which achieves maximum botanical freshness and reduces waste. VICTORY COLD DISTILLED GIN undergoes a 24-hour infusion with carefully selected botanicals including juniper, cassia, black pepper, chestnut and orange. The infused spirit is then cold-distilled at below 50 degrees celsius under reduced pressure. The used botanicals are then further infused in to water, this water is cold-distilled to produce an aromatic ‘hydro-sol’ this is then blended with the final gin. Bringing a unique and delicate aroma. We love their Gin and Tonic with a thin slice of pink grapefruit and an orange zest.

THANKsssss guys

Meat liquor for the hungry warmonger behemoth.


Choked on it

Thimble thread… Drop dead Fred.

Can you tell?

Am fam.

East side hand B.I.G style

Author: Des Howartu

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