The quick and easy wine top-up, the ultimate ‘cheeky midweek bottle’, that delivers both on quality and price that keeps our customers coming back for more. 

It is all about good wines that are imported in bulk making them affordable and by purchasing our bottles and refilling them every time, you are making this the greenest way to consume wine.


Piemonte D.O.C Barbera
This bright ruby red Barbera with garnet reflections, boasts a fresh and fruity intense bouquet. It is full-bodied but refreshing with a bright acidity and dryness that balances and lifts the soft, ripe fruit. An easy-drinking, inviting and moreish wine.

This is a versatile, everyday drinking Barbera. It can be paired with most courses, from hors d’oeuvres to cheeses. 

Piemonte D.O.C Cortese
This straw yellow Cortese with pale green glints offers a lovely mix of citrus and slightly tropical fruits along with some aromatic and floral perfume notes. It is a light, simple and well-made Cortese, perfect for everyday enjoyment. 

A versatile wine made for everyday drinking. It pairs well with a variety of dishes from salads, to fish and white meats.


Can I use my own bottle?
We want to ensure our product is of the best quality, and gets to you unharmed. By offering the wine in a bottle we endorse, we ensure quality control. The bottles we use are new – so they don’t have any unhealthy bacteria in them. The seal is air proof, and therefore extends the life of the wine by limiting the amount of air that can enter the bottle, reducing the opportunity for oxidisation.

Can I bring back my bottle and get my money back?
We do not take back bottles as we wouldn’t be able to reuse them.

How do I care for my bottle?
Once you have finished the bottle of wine, please rinse the bottle immediately. This will prevent mould, or drying of the wine in the base of the bottle and ensure that your bottle remains clean and ready for the next time you wish to refill.
There is no need to use detergents. And just leave it to dry naturally.

How long does the wine keep?
Up to 3 days in the fridge…but rarely lasts that long!

How often does the wine change?
We are always searching for new and interesting wines to bring to the refill system, so keep an eye out for new wines in near future.