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Baglio Bianco IGP, Ciello, Orange Wine

Orange Wine made from organic Catarratto from western Sicily. Made with three days maceration on skins this is almost bronze coloured with aromas and flavours of russet apples and red plums.

Origin: Italy, Sicily
Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: Catarratto
Style: Rich & unctuous
Food pairing: Pork, veal, poultry 
Bottle size: 75cl
ABV: 12%

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Lunaria Ramoro Pinot Grigio Ramato

This wine is stunning, Pinot Grigio made using the ramato method, a little skin contact, giving the most delightful pink hue, adding wonderful layers and depth. We fell in love when we tasted it, aromatic and fresh with a wonderfully long finish.
Origin: Abruzzo, Italy
Vintage: 2018
Grape variety: Pinot Grigio
Food pairing: Seafood, especially with spicier sauces or seasoning
Bottle size: 75cl
ABV: 13.5%


Fontanasanta, Manzoni Bianco, Vigneti delle Dolomiti

A bold white wine from the Dolomites. This is a cross between Riesling and Pinot Bianco for the foothills of the Dolomites. Lots of Amber in appearance due to some time on its skins. Delicately aromatic, showing white flowers and stone fruits. Generous on the palate with apricots and peaches with the slightest savoury nuttiness.

Elisabetta Foradori has become one of Italy’s superstar winemakers. All the Foradori vineyards lie in the side valley of Campo Rotaliano, and it is from these beautiful vineyards that Elisabetta Foradori is quietly producing some of Italy’s most complex, deep and compelling wines. She converted to biodynamics in 2000 and gradually changed her winemaking to a more minimalist, “natural” approach.

Origin: Trentino, Dolomites, Italy
Vintage: 2016
Grape variety: Cross of Pinot Bianco and Riesling
Style: Rich & unctuous
Food pairing: Aperitif but also a great food wine, Chicken liver on herbed polenta
Bottle size: 75cl
ABV: 11.5%


Kloster Ebernach Experimental Orange Riesling

This wine is the product of an old German monastery that's been making wine since the 1600s combined with its new Australian winemaker. Shaking things up in extreme conditions, this wine is reminiscent of a sour beer: tart, dry, and a bit cloudy. Deliciously complex.

Origin: Mosel, Germany
Grape Variety:
Food Pairing: Full flavoured light meats, cream sauce
Bottle Size:

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Slobodne - Cutis Deviner

This skin-contact Slovakian blend is made with outdoor, open fermentation. It is floral, perfumed, fresh, and peachy. Two years spent in old oak helps it maintain some weight, but it yields the most flavour from the 5 weeks of skin-on fermentation. The vineyard has been reclaimed by the Jewish family who still runs it, after it was lost twice: to WWII and then to the communist government. The current generation is invested in natural wines; particularly working with skin contact offerings and constant experimentation in their processes.

Origin: Hlohovec region, Slovakia
Vintage: 2015
Grape Variety: Traminer (70%), Devin (30%)
Food Pairings: Aperitif, hearty salads, fresh fish, anything with chilli
Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 11%

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Staffelter Hof - Little Bastard

This complex German blend has a few hours of skin contact (apart from the few days that the Muscat gets), giving it even more texture and body. It smells funky and fruity, but the grey slate it's grown on ensures that it is tangy and bright. It's unfiltered and unfined, from an estate that has been around since (at least) 862 AD. The same family has run it since they purchased it from Napolean's government in 1805, and they've been moving towards more sustainability and natural practice since 2010.

Origin: Mosel, Germany
Vintage: 2017
Grape Variety: Riesling (60%), Sauvignon Blanc (25%), Muller Thurgau (12%), Muscat (3%)
Food Pairings: Sweet/spicy dishes; casseroles or pies
Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 11.5%


Pinot D'Alsace M Deiss


A beautiful Alsatian white by Marcel Deiss, with a bit of skin contact for complexity and grip. The fragrance showcases the minerals from the soil and concrete Deiss uses, as well as a bit of white pear. This carries through to a mouthwatering palate of tree fruit, with some honeysuckle and a juicy finish.

Origin: Alsace, France
Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: Pinot D'Alsace (Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Noir)
Food pairing: Aperitif; seafood or Asian food


Bendewijn Grenache Gris, Albert Ahrens

Bendewijn is Albert’s new range of rare, sometimes one-off, small parcel wines, jaw-droppingly beautiful in their simple, rustic presentation. The Grenache Gris is sourced from an 8-year-old vineyard on the Paardeberg. Fermented naturally on the skins for several days prior to pressing. It spent nearly a year on primary lees, maturing in old 300-litre French oak barrels, then aged in bottle for six months prior to release. Each bottle is numbered!
Give this elegant skin-contact white time to open up and allow its charming flavours to unfurl in the glass. It’s fragrant, floral and so intriguingly textured. 

Origin: Voor-Paardeberg, South Africa
Vintage: 2017
Grape variety: Grenache Blanc
Food pairing: 
Grilled snoek and other fleshy white fish, seared scallops, chicken salad
Bottle size: 75cl
ABV: 12.5%


Slobodne Eggstasy of Wine Alpinist

Another killer skin contact white by the Slobodne family, this orange Riesling gets its name from the 6 months it spends in terracotta clay eggs. It is unfiltered and unfined, tart and fresh, with a bit of tannin and ripe fruit. 10 days of skin contact has turned it a lovely golden amber hue.

Origin: Hlohovec, Slovakia
Vintage: 2017
Grape Variety: Riesling
Food Pairing: Savoury poultry or fish, hot dishes, hard cheeses
Bottle Size: 75cl
ABV: 12%