It doesn't have to be all about Champagne.. Let's have a look at a few other possibilities to kick your evening off.

An aperitif’s role is to stimulate the appetite for the meal ahead - from Latin ‘to open’ (it is the counterpart to the digestif that closes the meal). Its job is to tickle or refresh palate which is why dry white wines or sparkling wines are the most popular option. It should also fulfil the task of making your guests feel relaxed and pampered - we’ll help you to find something they'll enjoy.

Light-bodied white wine
A cool, crisp and a slightly chilled white wine, is a great intro wine. Remember, you don't want something too heavy or super sweet to avoid killing your guests palates before they even get to the good stuff.
Try the slightly cloudy Austrian Gruner with delicious rounded grapey fruit. Or something off the beaten track - our Bastian Rivaner comes from Luxembourg - yummy fresh pineapple popsicle, off dry with compensating singing acidity. And finally, Vinho Verde from Portugal, Clip is brisk and zippy, this is packed with delicious green apples and a minerally finish.

Rosé wine
Flavorful and refreshing fruity wine that is traditionally served slightly chilled. This is the classic apéritif in the south of France and other Mediterranean regions, especially for hot summer afternoons or evenings. It can be romantic, joyous and fun and is a great match to many simple appetizers.
Gassac is one of our wines from southern France, lively, vivid pink with hints of strawberry of crushed red fruit. Or hop over to Spain with Plot Twenty Two a light rosé with clean and creamy red fruits.

Flavoured liqueurs
Some people prefer more alcoholic, flavored liqueurs to start a meal. Try Aperolon the rocks. While the bitterness can be an acquired taste, it can definitely wake up your palate!

Light-bodied beer
Finally, not all aperitif must be wine or liquor-based. It is very common to offer a nice, cold beer in a less formal setting like a barbecue or casual dinner party. Lighter-styled beers are best for this.
Try the London brewed Pils by FourPure generously hopped take on traditional German Pilsner. Or a pale lager from a family run brewery, 1936 is brewed from the purest water, organic hops, and golden barley grown in the amazing and beautiful Swiss mountains.

Sparkling choice
Sparkling wines are a great way to usher in a sense of excitement and celebration to your dinner party. Most sparkling wines pair beautifully with a range of foods, so they can also accompany appetizers or other early courses of the meal. Prosecco is refreshing and fun to drink. Our organic Modi is beautifully fragrant with a blend of sharp citrus fruit, honey and peach. Or for something more unusual try Petillant Naturel - sparkling wine with lovely aromas of candied citrus, white fruits, and caramel - really fun and refreshing wine.

Whether you are hosting a BBQ or friends dinner in the warm summer weeks ahead there's something for everyone..