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Baglio Antico Bianco IGP, Cataratto

Baglio Antico Bianco IGP, Cataratto

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Baglio Bianco - Orange wine made from organic Catarratto in western Sicily. Made with three days' maceration on skins, this has a lovely golden colour with aromas and flavours of russet apples (with the skins) and red plums. An excellent introductory orange wine.

What is Lutte Raisonnée?

 Lutte Raisonnée is a French term that translates to "reasoned struggle" or "reasoned fight." It is an approach to vineyard management that seeks to minimise chemical interventions while considering the vineyard's specific needs. While not as strict as organic or biodynamic farming, Lutte Raisonnée encourages sustainable practices, such as limiting the use of pesticides and fertilisers and promoting biodiversity in the vineyard.

What does "Organic (Uncertified)" mean in the context of wine?

"Organic (Uncertified)" refers to wines made from grapes grown using organic farming practices but not certified as organic by an official certification body. The winemaker may follow organic principles, avoiding synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilisers. However, without certification, it is advisable to inquire directly with the winemaker or producer to understand their specific practices.


What does "Vegan" mean in the context of wine?

 "Vegan" wines are made without animal-derived fining agents or additives. Fining agents are used in winemaking to clarify and stabilise the wine by removing unwanted particles. Traditional fining agents include egg whites, gelatin, or fish bladder (isinglass). Vegan winemaking methods use alternative fining agents, such as bentonite clay or activated charcoal, which do not involve animal products.

Are Lutte Raisonnée, Organic (Uncertified), and Vegan wines the same? No, Lutte Raisonnée, Organic (Uncertified), and Vegan are distinct concepts in winemaking. Lutte Raisonnée refers to a vineyard management approach that emphasises sustainable practices. Organic (uncertified) wines are made from grapes grown using organic farming methods but lack official certification. Vegan wines are produced without the use of animal-derived fining agents or additives.

How can I find Lutte Raisonnée, Organic (Uncertified), or Vegan wines?

 To find wines produced under these practices, it is advisable to check the label or product description provided by the winery or retailer. They may explicitly state if the wine is produced using Lutte Raisonnée, Organic (Uncertified), or Vegan methods. Additionally, you can ask the winery or wine shop for specific information about their production practices to ensure the wine meets your desired criteria.

Origin: Sicily, Italy
Vintage: 2022
Grape variety: Cataratto
Food pairing: Pork, veal, poultry
Bottle size: 75cl
ABV: 13.5%

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