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Czech Wines

Look beyond the obvious wine regions of the world and there are some exciting up-and-comers proving that they are more than capable of producing wines with incredible flavour and genuine quality. The Czech Republic is certainly one of the most impressive examples of this. 


A new wave of winemakers in Moravia are producing artisanal, authentic wines, which are terroir focused, follow low intervention principles and let the fruit and vineyard speak for themselves.


What you need to know about Czech wine

One of the most exciting aspects of Czech wine is the fact that the last 15 years have seen a huge variety of different styles and grape varieties emerge. Rather than focus on a single area, Czech winemakers have experimented and explored different opportunities – from Czech natural wine to low-alcohol wine and terroir wines (a term used to refer to the environmental factors that impact a wine’s development).

Once upon a time, Czech beverages revolved almost exclusively around the country’s excellent selection of beers. However, in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic there are now many small production winemakers who are commercialising what was once a well-kept secret. Although it has taken some time for production processes and trade logistics to catch up in the wake of the communist era, today the Czech wine scene is something that the country can be truly proud of. 


Czech natural wine on the rise

One of the most interesting developments of the last decade is the growth in organic, natural and biodynamic wines that have emerged from the Moravian region – based in the South East of the country.

A perfect example of this is the Blanc De Noir Sekt Natura, Krasna Hora we stock here at Forest Wines. Made using traditional methods with no added sulphites, this Pinot Noir is often seen to be a quirky and interesting alternative to classic Champagne. Perfectly paired with fish and shellfish, or else as a palate-pleasing aperitif, this Czech natural wine is certainly one to give a try for those who love nothing better than a beverage-based conversation starter at dinner parties.


Why choose a wine with no added sulphites?

Increasingly, fans of sparkling wines are turning to “sulphite-free” and “no added sulphite” wine options out there in the market. Although sulphites are found in a huge array of foods and are often blamed for contributing to hangovers in alcoholic drinks, it is usually synthetically added sulphites that are the problem. These preservatives are typically incorporated to avoid bacterial contamination but can be avoided during the winemaking process in many instances. Browse the Forest Wines range and you will find an array of delicious wines suited to those who prefer their drinks to feature no added sulphites. 


Other Czech wines of note

Another delicious wine to try from our collection is the organic and vegan Czech Pinot Noir – Krasna Hora. Billed as an excellent accompaniment to punchy dishes containing meats, root vegetables and strong cheeses, this vibrant and fruit wine makes a pleasant change from traditional French varieties.


Czech Wine : UK deliveries

While Czech wines are still relatively rare on the shelves of UK supermarkets, here at Forest Wines we have selected and sourced some tremendous bottles so that no matter where you are based you can still enjoy the delicious flavours of a fine Czech wine. Each selection is handpicked by us for outstanding taste and versatility.

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