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Monte Dall'Ora Valpolicella Classico Saseti

Monte Dall'Ora Valpolicella Classico Saseti



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Choosing the right wine variety

Finding red wines that suit your mood, food and plans can be a complex decision.  Having the help of a personal sommelier would be a welcome way to deal with the multitude of options, but sadly we can’t all call on a professional every time we plan a home-cooked meal.  Like any wine, red wines have a personality and style that always bring something new to the table.  Knowing your rioja from your pinot noir might be extra important at point of purchase but knowing the right moment to drink them is what brings enjoyment. 


Malbec red wine 

Malbec wine generally refers to wine produced in France or Argentina from Malbec grapes.  It is known as a full-bodied red wine with a smoky finish and offers good value compared with slightly higher priced red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon.  Often somewhat higher in alcohol levels than traditional red wines, Malbec is a wine for those with a love of strong flavours.  


Rioja or Malbec

Rioja actually refers to the region of Spain in which Rioja red wines are produced rather than the grape variety. The two are distinct in flavour and tone, with Malbec well known as a great accompaniment to rich, meat dishes and punchy spices like Mexican, Cajun or Indian dishes.


A Rioja is considered by many to be an easy drinking wine that can be consumed in isolation. But it’s also perfect at mealtimes with pork-based dishes, strong cheese and game meat.


Pinot Noir red wine 

Pinot Noir is a sophisticated red wine derived from the Pinot Noir variety of grape.  Pinot Noir is a black grape deriving from the French for ‘pine’ and ‘black’.  The pine in the name reflects the pinecone like clusters of each fruit bunch.  Although Pinot Noir is associated with the Burgundy wine region of France, the Pinot Noir grape is actually grown across the world in various wine-producing climates. 


Finding a Pinot Noir natural wine

Pinot Noir grapes are notoriously difficult to grow.  It’s what makes a good Pinot Noir wine such a special find.  This lighter-bodied, elegant wine is one of the most popular red wines available and natural varieties of Pinot Noir are a welcome addition to any table.  



So, what is a natural red wine?

Natural red wine refers to a growing movement amongst vineyards and winemakers to adopt more simple methods of wine production. It is a loose term, often symbolising more organic methods of growing grapes.  More generally, natural red wine refers to wine produced without using pesticides or herbicides and few additives in the final product.   


Organic Red Wine

Natural or organic red wines are generally perceived to be a healthier choice.  This is largely due to the lack of pesticides or herbicides used in the growing process that would otherwise make its way into the wine itself.  The ‘nothing added, nothing taken away’ approach to organic wine symbolises a more traditional approach to wine production.  Keeping the flavour without any of the additional chemicals.  



Natural wine delivery near me 

Here at Forest Wines we have a range of specially selected red, white and rose wines available for delivery from across our online shop.  From high-end, speciality wines to every day drinkable choices.  At Forest Wines we select wine customers will love with a full tasting description alongside every bottle.  


Whilst more natural wines are becoming more popular with winemakers and wine drinkers, selections can still be limited across most retailers.  When looking for greater options of natural wine, Forest Wines has the answer. Stocking a well-balanced range of natural wine options in both red and white varieties.  We cater to anyone looking for a broader selection of natural wine options delivered direct to your door.  


Home delivery wine 

Wine should be enjoyed and taking the time to choose the type and style of bottle for your needs is a luxury worth waiting for.  At Forest Wines, all bottles are available as home delivery wine options via our website.  


Want to know where to buy organic red wine? You’ve come to the right place. Explore the Forest Wines collection today and find your favourite flavour. 

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