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Pressure Drop A Million Filaments

Sour IPA, 7.2% ABV

A complex kaleidoscope of a beer, brewed with oats, hops, milk sugar, blackberries, black currants, and more. Smooth, dry, fruity, sour, hoppy, we could go on and on...

Vol. 33cl


Pressure Drop Ida Berliner Weisse

Light, fruity beer. Perfect for this time of the year full of fresh raspberries, basil and locally foraged elderflower. So refreshing with good tartness.

Vol. 44cl


Calypso, Siren Craft Brew

Dry Hopped Sour, 4% ABV

A tart, Berliner-style sour. Hoppy and dry to balance the tangy fruit, each batch is hopped differently - you never quite know what hop you'll get!

Vol. 33cl