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Beavertown Neck Oil

Every day, easy drinking IPA. A light, crisp punchy beer, with extra pale base malts that are used to keep this beer crisp and give the hops a great platform to dance on. Masses of late hop additions throughout the last 20 minutes of boil and a huge dose of dry hops make this a brilliant easy IPA.

Vol. 33cl


Beavertown Lupuloid IPA


Introducing the newest addition to Beavertown core range. This is their first straight up IPA, no funny business, just malt, yeast, water and hops. Lots of hops.

Vol. 33cl


Beavertown Bloody 'Ell

This special IPA from Beavertown pours a hazy amber with little head. The usual citrus bitterness is more mellow with a sweeter body. The finish is long and and has notes of the blood oranges. 


Wild Card Brewery IPA

A west coast IPA, dry hopped with Mosaic, Simcoe and Citra. At 5.5% its a fresh, zesty IPA, with lashings of grapefruit & pineapple on the nose.

Vol. 33cl


Pressure Drop A Million Filaments

Sour IPA, 7.2% ABV

A complex kaleidoscope of a beer, brewed with oats, hops, milk sugar, blackberries, black currants, and more. Smooth, dry, fruity, sour, hoppy, we could go on and on...

Vol. 33cl


Redemption Big Chief - IPA

IPA 5.5% ABV
Big hoppy IPA style beer, packed full of Kiwi hops with hints of honey and nectar and plenty of tropical citrus and floral notes. SIBA regional ‘Overall Champion Beer’ 2012.

Vol. 50cl


Yeastie Boys Gunnamatta Earl Grey IPA

A modern cult classic inspired by the Pale Ales that travelled from England to the East Indies and, perhaps more importantly, all that precious tea that returned on those same ships. This bear utilises judicious amounts of Earl Grey Blue Flower tea to generate an intoxicating floral and citrus aroma with the quenching dry finish of an ice tea. A truly unique new world India Pale Ale with a decidedly old world twist.

Vol. 33cl


Cloudwater Hoppy Little Lager

IPL, 3.6% ABV

Not quite a Lager, not quite a Pale, this is a light, zesty beer for anytime drinking. Hoppy, fresh, and gentle bitterness make this one go down almost too easily.

Vol. 44cl


Cloudwater A Beautiful Horse DIPA

NEDIPA, 8.5%

A hazy, bold DIPA with low bitterness on the finish. Peachy, piney, and deceptively smooth, this silky beer packs a punch.

Vol. 44cl


Birra del Borgo Re Ale

IPA 6.4% ABV
The Re Ale is a stunning IPA from Birra del Borgo. Influenced by American IPAs there's no surprise that nice American hop aromas are prominent on the nose. The malts also play a big role with considerable caramel, dates, grainy breads, and biscuit characteristics rising up in both the aroma and flavour. A firm bitterness cuts through.

Vol. 33cl


Cali Power, Siren Craft Brew

IPA, 7.2% ABV

In collaboration with Humble Sea from California, the Cali Power Smoothie is hoppy, fruity, and definitely doesn't taste as strong as the can says it is. Dangerously smooth, with a slightly bitter finish.

Vol. 33cl


Soundwave, Siren Craft Brew

IPA, 5.6% ABV

Hazy, with pops of tropical fruit from the American hops. Mild bitterness, and a big hoppy palate.

Vol. 33cl